The Star of the Magi

Courtney Roberts, M.A.

   The Star of the Magi goes light years beyond the previous research... by highlighting the surprisingly widespread influence of the Persian Zoroastrian religion and its astrology, and shedding new light on the historical origins of monotheism and Messianic expectations; all in a message of peace and reconciliation immediately relevant to our times. 

'REAL MAGI/REAL STAR SEARCH: 5 Stars ... a fascinating account of the real history of the Magi and the real history of ancient astrology.'
Dr. Ken R. Vincent, author of The Magi: From Zoroaster to the Three Wise Men
(Universalist Herald and

"Astrology's fall from academic respectability had the unfortunate consequence that historians are generally unequipped to decipher episodes in our history that involved astral lore.  
The Star of the Magi by Courtney Roberts brings an excellent range of astrological, historical and scriptural scholarship to bear on the task of understanding the significance of the star of Bethlehem.  En route to its pleasingly undogmatic conclusions, the book sheds much light on our history and on Christian belief, all from a basis of solid research.  Roberts' quest to get to the real story makes this a gripping journey into Christian mysteries; The Da Vinci Code for grown-ups.  Garry Phillipson, author of Astrology in the Year Zero

"I have just read an excellent book on THE STAR OF THE MAGI. Many of the authors of books on the subject have been very selective in their research, but this research has been very thorough. Well done! The approach is most interesting, and I hope this book does very well." 

From Dr. Percy Seymour, Author of The Birth of Christ: Exploding the Myth.

 "A deft investigation by Courtney Roberts into that catasterism of Christianity, the Star of Bethlehem, that is a joy to read. Refreshing and essential new insights await amateur as well as professional historians, Biblical scholars, et al."

Rosalind Park, author of Dating the Dendera Zodiac.
"...  the scholarship and writing are excellent - quite gripping for its scholarship and depth - well done." 
From Roy Gillett, President of the British Astrological Association

"To her very great credit, Courtney Roberts does not attempt to bang home one particular solution to the astrological meaning of the Star.  She leans towards a triple conjunction in 7BC as being the event inferred by Matthew, but she offers this opinion tempered by a degree of uncertainty.  She is quite right to.  Her book is stronger for her lack of allegiance to any one particular theory; it creates some balance in a disharmonious debate.  Add to that the huge amount of fascinating information she presents about ancient Mesopotamia and the Levant, and you have a great book here!"   Andy Lloyd  

 "According to Courtney Roberts in her marvelous new book The Star of the Magi, ... the Magi were skilled political astrologers, with their calculations inextricably bound to their religious expectations, as provided by Zoroastrianism...  As Courtney Roberts explains with refreshing clarity and objectivity, the three great monotheisms of today - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - all owe their common religious heritage to Zoroastrian astrology. What has been lost in the evolution of religious fundamentalism is that the Persian traditions possessed "a surprisingly universal awareness of a God who manifested throughout humanity and all time, rather than just through one specific nation at one time."

Michael Wolfstar 

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