The Star of the Magi

Courtney Roberts, M.A.


For the Introduction, Click Here:

For Chapter 1: Matthew: The Gospel to the Hebrews, Cllick Here:

For Chapter 2: Jerusalem's Debt to the Persians, Click Here:’s%20Debt%20to%20the%20Persians.doc

For Chapter 3: The Magi in History, Click Here:

For Chapter 4: Empire of the Soul, Click Here:

For Chapter 5: The Magi and Astrology, Click Here:

For Chapter 6: Which Star was It? Click Here:

For Chapter 7: Legacy of the Magi, Click Here:

For Chapter 8: The Millennium, Click Here:

For Chapter 9: Pisces and Precession, Click Here:

For Chapter 10: The Magi's Messiah, Click here:'s%20MessiahF.doc

For Chapter 11: Conclusions, Click Here:

The Star of the Magi

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