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Real Time Methods

I developed my Real Time methods over the course of my many years in sports astrology, by carefully observing how planetary probabilities unfolded within professional sporting events.  In sports, somebody's going to win and somebody's going to lose, and over time,  I learned to recognize some of the signs of both victory and defeat. I also observed how certain individuals can exhibit dominance within a particular framework, but as the clock ticks on, say within a 3 hour game, or a 1 hour meeting, the prevailing conditions change and can begin to favor others.

If you're actually interested in the technicalities, please visit these pages for more info:

Research Results


Perhaps the most important thing I learned from sports astrology is that the same planetary influences are all around us, all the time. They have an effect on our own individual experiences of peak efficiency; the times when we are more likely to experience dominance, victory, or success.        

I knew I wanted to use this information to help others; to help good ideas succeed, as well as the good people behind them. 

If you would like to book a free consultation, please be prepared to spend approximately one hour on the phone (SKYPE is preferred) discussing your schedule and the most opportune times for any upcoming events or changes.

Birth Times

An astrologer works from a birth chart, which is calculated using the exact date,

time, and place of birth.

An accurate birth chart provides in-depth information on personality,

potential, and timing.

You may be able to find your birth time on your birth certificate, birth announcements,

baby book, hospital records, etc. 

Family relations, close friends, or neighbors may also remember the time, or at least the time of day, so it is worth asking about their recollections.

An accurate birth time yields the most accurate results, but if all else fails,

try to narrow it down to the time of day; i.e., late in the morning, after sunset, etc.

Please do everything possible to verify the birth time
before the reading

There is no cost or obligation for these free consultations. However, you are encouraged to make a donation, especially if you feel this service has been of benefit to you. Whether you donate or not is entirely your decision. The button below will let you donate through Paypal, or if you prefer, you can send a check to:

Courtney Roberts, 138-12 28th Rd. Apt. 4-D,  Flushing, NY 11354


To book an appointment for your free consultation, please send an email to the address below,

indicating at least two choices for a date and time.


Please include your name, birth data (date, time, place, and some indication of how accurate the time is, i.e. a source)

as well as any questions or comments you care to include.

Courtney Roberts, MA


The Star of the Magi

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