The Star of the Magi

Courtney Roberts, M.A.

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Looking for insight      into a  specific issue?

Seeking a greater  understanding of  your purpose and  direction?

Planning for the  months ahead?

Want the best time to start a new venture?
1) Personality & Character Analysis:

Exploring Gifts, Skills, Talents, Patterns/Tendencies, Challenges & Difficulties

2) Echoes of the Past:  

Significant Time frames, Events, Patterns, People & Partnerships persisting into the present/future

3) Current and Future Trends:

A close look at the present and the next 6 months, with more general long-term projections

The Initial Session Includes:

1) 90-minute live consultation; in person, 

by phone, or Skype video call

2) A recording/sound file for 

future reference

3) A copy of your chart, chart details, computerized chart analysis, and notes

$150.00 by Cash, Check or Paypal

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Canaveral Research & Consulting

Exploring the Evolutionary Interface of Planetary & Living Systems

And the Effects on Human Behavior, 

Timing & Performance


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